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14 juin 2023
12h à 13h

Format hybride (présentiel et virtuel)

Claire Nee, Ph.D.
Professeure à l’University of Portsmouth, cofondatrice, International Centre for Research in Forensic Psychiatry

Zarah Vernham, Ph.D.
University of Portsmouth, Directrice adjointe, International Centre for Research in Forensic Psychiatry


**Conférence offerte exclusivement en anglais**


In recent years, virtual reality has been used to deepen our understanding of expertise in offending behaviour while the crime is carried out in a virtual environment. The current presentation will begin by explaining the theory of [dysfunctional] expertise and how it can be applied to offending behaviours. To date, most of the work conducted using virtual environments has focused on property crime. The next part of the presentation will therefore provide an overview of how we have developed our understanding of burglars through the use of virtual environments. This research has shown that burglars have ‘expertise’ in and around the crime scene. Such expertise includes burglars approaching burglary tasks with ease, speed and consistency, and being less deterred by security measures, which differs from non-offenders, who are typically slow, haphazard and inconsistent in their property search, and are more deterred by security measures. Competencies developed as a result of repetition in offending behaviour are not restricted to property crime. Another example of a crime that has been linked to expertise is that of child sexual offending. The next part of the presentation will discuss our most recent experimental study (currently underway, in the data collection phase) that aims to obtain an insight into the offence-related decisions of child sexual offenders through combining virtual reality with eye-tracking data and spontaneous ‘think-aloud’ verbalisations. We will end the presentation by summarising the implications of this research and discussing the challenges we have faced with completing offender research in the U.K.


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